We do Place-Based Education

There are multiple reasons why this is the right time for Place-based Education, beyond school initiatives which are forever shifting.  The stage is set for a locally-focused student-powered form of learning. Place-based Education gives us a process through which we can reconnect with our community, environment, and with each other.

Long-Term Community Partners
Authentic Fieldwork
Knowing Our Environment
Knowing Our History

“With PBE, the content starts with the local community- the environment, history, culture, needs, assets- and students practice and learn academic skills by designing and participating in projects grounded in their community.”
-Emily 7/8th Grade Teacher at SWCS

“Place-based education is a real world approach to integrating learning through the needs of our community.”
-Angie O’Brien 1/2nd Grade Teacher at SWCS

“A profound thank you for this (workshop series). I do not know where I would be without the framework of the Place-based Education workshop.”                                                                                               – Kay K., teacher and PBE Mentee