Fifth Grade

Plants Around Us


The fifth and sixth graders worked on a project which partners them with the National College of Natural Medicine. We received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, pairing the students with artist Nina Montenegro. They worked to create a mural which will decorate the walls around the Galen’s Way Garden on the Northwest College of Natural Medicine’s campus. The mural consists of 19 separate panels, each one depicting a different medicinal plant.

Sign made my Nina Montenegro

The students planted the actual plants in the Galen’s Way Garden in two large plots that the college has donated to us. The panels were hung and students connected this art project to a botany unit in the classroom where they compared plant cells to their own cheek cells, created cell analogies to learn about the functions of organelles, and studied about photosynthesis using an online inquiry lab. Students wrote poems about their medicinal plants to share.

Click here to look at samples of their book:

Plants Around Us


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