First Grade

Neighborhood Study

Our 1st and 2nd graders used the city as their learning laboratory, by looking a little closer at what makes a neighborhood. In class, students made 3-D maps of a neighborhood to gain experience with essential elements. In the field, students have explored the South Waterfront, visited Umpqua Bank, journeyed to OHSU on the aerial tram, traveled to the Belmont Historic Fire House and interviewed Dennis Allen from Zidell about the future of South Waterfront development.

Belmont Historical Firehouse

The classes also got a visit from a Portland Police officer. As a culminating project to this unit, students created a welcome guide to the South Waterfront neighborhood with help from Ronnie Rudolph, a volunteer production editor from Mirabella, and past 8th grade intern, Vlad Cartwright. Graciously, South Waterfront Community Relations has offered to distribute the guides to neighborhood apartment buildings to give out to new residents.

OHSU aerial tram

Click here to check out their great work:

Southwest Charter School Kids Take on the Southwest Waterfront

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