The Center for Place-Based Learning and Community contains a list of curricular resources and examples of student work, plus more.

Community Works Journal is a publication of Community Works Institute. Community Works Journal is an on-line journal for educators that focus on place, service learning and sustainability.  Contains many articles written by educators giving project examples. David Sobel is a regular contributor. They also provide an amazing week-long workshop in the summer.

A website designed to provide inspiration and practical ideas for K-12 teachers who seek meaningful and authentic ways to embed learning in local places. Here you will find a vibrant view of place-based education and curriculum design. Based in Vermont and founded by Amy B. Demarest.


  • The Complete Guide to Service Learning by Cathryn Berger Kaye

A complete guide to help you plan service-learning projects. This book is full of tools and examples.

  • Learning to Make Choices for the Future: Connecting Public Lands, Schools and Communities through Place-Based Learning and Civic Engagement prepared by The Center for Place-Based Learning and Community Engagement and a Forest for Every Classroom

This text gives a solid overview of Place-Based Learning and offers tools for planning projects.

  • Place-based Curriculum Design: Exceeding Standards through Local Investigation by Amy B. Demarest

This book goes beyond theory and shows both teachers and administrators the how and why of Place-based Learning in the classroom. Demarest writes about how to apply standards to place-based projects.

Other Books

  • Beyond Ecophobia: Reclaiming the Heart of Nature Education, by David Sobel

A short book that provides an overview of Place-Based Learning


A must-see 6-part video series (each video is approximately 5 minutes long) showcasing a second grade project about snakes.  The video-series shows how the teacher accomplished high-quality work in terms of research, writing, drawing, and speaking.


  • May 19, 2018 @ The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science (formerly SW Charter School)

Final workshop for participating teachers and mentors in the 2017/18 series:  Introduction to Place-based Education Design.

This site and accompanying workshops are made possible with funding from the US Department of Education’s Charter School Program Grants, as distributed by the Oregon Department of Education’s Charter School Program Subgrants, Grant Award # U282A150014.
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