Second Grade

Restaurant Management Project

Making bread

As part of this unit, students designed their own restaurant and studied different aspects of restaurant management. For fieldwork, students visited the Aquariva, right down the river from us, and had a private tour and baking demonstration from head chef, Seth Tucker. Seth also visited students in the classroom to answer questions about how to run a restaurant. Both classes had an opportunity to tour Verde Concina’s Sylvan restaurant, as well, and were able to sample some of their tasty food. Students strengthened their skills in the kitchen by taking a class at the Portland Culinary Workshop, where they baked bread and made cheesy breadsticks.

Keeping an eye on their dough

As a culminating project, both classes transformed their rooms into restaurants and hosted their families for a meal. To prepare for this event, our art teachers made personalized aprons with the students and ceramic food. Students also created menus, bills and receipts, showing their skills in writing and arithmetic. On the grand opening day, students served their families pizza from Rovente and yummy cheese quesadillas, which were donated and made fresh on site by cooks from Verde Cocina. Overall, this was a super fun unit with lots of connections to our community and real life.

Reading over the menu

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